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Art exhibition at Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf
Vernissage on November 11th 2023, 3 pm
opening hours between November 11th and December 12th on saturdays and sundays 1-7 pm.

Curation Anna Schölß
Coordination Johannes Hochholzer
Supporting association Zukunft Kulturraum Kloster e.V.


Jonathas de Andrade (BRA), Gabi Blum, Böhler&Orendt, Ben Goossens, Bianca Kennedy, Christoph Lammers, Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erika Dietl, Rita de Muynck, Lukas Niedermeier, Lara Paschke, Janina Totzauer, Gülbin Ünlü, Anna Schölß, Martin Schuster and Franz Marc.

About the exhibition

On the occasion of the comprehensive transformation processes initiated by the new use of the Schlehdorf Monastery curator Anna Schölß and coordinator Johannes Hochholzer are initiating the third edition of the exhibition series TRANSFORMATIONEN (german for transformations), in order to show the multi-layered change and historical transition through the artistic gaze and to shed new light on the area of the former monastery. This interim artistic use of the monastery premises provides the impetus to present contemporary art in rural areas in dialogue with regional artists and cultural actors.

This year's exhibition is entitled "Shelter - Unsere Schutz(t)räume" (translated: shelter - our spaces and dreams of being safe) and asks, among other things, the question of the significance of the monastery building as a shelter. For the first time, the unfathomable rooms in the basement of the monastery, the "catacombs" (loosely named after the first Christian shelter in Rome) as well as the former Sisters' Chapel, are in the focus of the artistic works.

"The "catacombs" in the monastery are a very typical shelter. It is a special feeling to enter one of them, to close the door and have only the skylight as a source of light. This eerie silence and abandonment that enclosed within the thick walls, is both protective and frightening in itself. We often worked in these rooms as young sisters, it was always a primal experience. (...)"
Sr. Josefa Thusbaß

Due to the enormous political, social and climatic upheavals of our time, there is a growing need among more and more people for spaces for retreat, for spaces, that offer protection with regard to their physical, emotional and human needs, especially with regard to origin, religion, language, abilities, gender, sexuality and many other facets. In the newly used rooms of the former monastery, the atmosphere of protective, thick monastery walls and lived spirituality can still be felt. The intention of many people who have and work there is similar: the need for a contemplative, quiet place far away from the noisy cities, close to nature.

This year, in addition to the current events, the Shelter theme has taken on another very concrete meaning. Due to the extreme hailstorm in August, many of the historic crown-glass-windows of the former Sisters' Chapel as well as several other monastery windows were broken. The church space as a historically established shelter is showing itself to be just as vulnerable and fragile due to climate change.

Curator Anna Schölß is also interested in this fragility and makes references to the transformation process: Something has to break open before change can take place - Schölß wants to work out the current transitional phase of this place with the selection and presentation of the artistic works on show, a high-risk phase of vulnerability. At the same time, this departure can also become an opportunity for further development and open up new spaces. Through the fusion of sacred history and progressive approaches, which become perceptible through the artistic contributions, the path for change into a new time should open up.

The exhibition cooperates with the Franz Marc Museum and presents, in addition to the contemporary positions, a valuable facsimile of the sketchbook from Franz Marc's field, at the time initiated by Maria Marc. Unfortunately, the planned performative installation by the Missionary Dominican Sisters had to be cancelled due to illness. Also, the artist Jonathas de Andrade, who exhibited his works in the  Brazilian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2022, could be won for the exhibition. This year, in addition to the supra-regional postings, Schölß wants to highlight the artists from the immediate monastery environment even more and brought them together with "blind dates" to foster cooperation. The Belgian painter Rita de Muynck, who lives in Schlehdorf, will be working with the Schlehdorf activist and artist Martin Schuster on the subject of wolves and bears - a highly discussed theme in the region. In addition, the contemporary dancer Lara Paschke and the artist Christoph Lammers - both coming from the monastery environment but without knowing each other beforehand - will engage in an open process that will become visible in a performative installation in the catacombs.

The supporting association Zukunft Kulturraum Kloster e.V. is committed to the transformation of monasteries in Europe and will enrich the exhibition with its knowledge and network. The supporting programme curated by Johannes Hochholzer develops an interdisciplinary discourse on the topic of "shelter" and contributes various impulses.

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Träger der Ausstellung:
Zukunft Kulturraum Kloster e.V.
c/o Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf
Kirchstraße 9
82444 Schlehdorf

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